We’re looking to hire a part-time or full-time
Assistant Web Designer / Developer!

As an Assistant Web Designer / Developer your position amounts to doing anything needed to support the online pursuits of Megaphone Designs, but your primary responsibilities would be helping in creating and implementing designs for new websites, responding to support requests relating to design or technical issues, and performing other common web development / design tasks as needed.

A Few Key Things You Should Know

  • How We Build Our Sites: Our websites are custom built for each client using WordPress along with Elementor, along with other custom functionality, as needed. A typical website build requires good software skills in order to operate Elementor, a good eye for design and great attention to detail. Our older sites are built using Genesis Framework, so a bit more technical knowledge including CSS can be very helpful for those sites.
  • Who We Serve: We serve small businesses, nonprofits and churches with a goal of providing highly professional web services to companies with limited budgets. This attitude of service and of providing real value to those who need it most permeates everything we do at Megaphone Designs, so it’s incredibly important that you can understand and share in those values. It’s awesome if you come equipped with all the skills we need, but more than anything else, we’re looking for people who have a strong work ethic and function with integrity in every part of their lives.
  • Our Working Context: Your work will almost entirely be done remotely, so there is a good deal of freedom available in that. With that freedom, we encourage our employees to develop a healthy work / life balance. And, that freedom is a huge plus for our employees, but also isn’t the right fit for just everyone because it requires a good deal of independence and a very strong work ethic. It’s certainly not a requirement, but if you have previous successful experience working remotely and / or in a very independent context, that a huge plus in working with us.

Sound like the right fit for you?

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